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Signature Programmes

At K.R. Mangalam, we strive to make education a means of developing our greatest abilities through the following programmes:

Terra Care

‘I don’t want to protect the environment; I want to create a world where the environment doesn’t need protection.’ Mangalites of all age groups are sensitized towards environmental issues through various class activities and clubs like ‘Prakriti’ – The Climate Action Club, The Eco Warriors Club, ‘MightyChondria’ – The Science Club.

Neoteric Learning

In today’s world of technological advancements, students are given an opportunity to explore and update themselves with the ever evolving technology giving way to IBL (Inquiry Based Learning) and IEP (Individualised Learning Plan). This is done through various means like an AI integrated curriculum, The SheCode2.0 program, activities in the ATL (Atal Tinkering Lab) and clubs like ‘The Cinemates’, ‘Techbots’, ‘Robotics’ & ‘Matheletes’.


‘The mind and body are not separate. What affects one, affects another.’ KRM fosters Health & Fitness programmes in an endeavor to provide a healthy learning environment to students. Health promotion programmes, nutrition & food safety programmes, Fitness & yoga sessions, Self Defense classes, Talks/Workhops on mental health and counseling sessions are an integral part of the teaching & learning process at KRM.

Expressions Enhanced

Be it Art, Music, Dance, Facial expressions or simple Words, they all convey a message, every act is an expression of our thoughts. At KRM, we believe in enhancing these expressions in order to equip our students with self worth & confidence. Students are encouraged to freely express themselves through creative projects in the curriculum, confidence building programmes like MUN, ‘Kaarigari’ – The Art Club, ‘Rang Manch’ – The Dramatics Club, ‘Happy Feet’ – The Dance Club, ‘Symphony’ – The Music Club & ‘Expressions’ - The Literary Club.

Nurturing Humanity

Humanity is a virtue which symbolizes human love, compassion & living in harmony with others. Humanity cannot be taught, therefore, we nurture this skill through various practices &programmes. ‘Jagruk’ – The Compassionate Citizen Club, ‘Niyantran’ – The Disaster management Club, ‘Neeti’ The Legal literacy Club are a few examples.

Beyond Boundaries

Our World is becoming increasingly complex and as a result, there is a need for human interdependence. In order to raise global citizens, KRM engages students in activities that nurture respect & tolerance for others, global awareness and empathy. ‘Voyagers’ – The Virtual traveller’s Club, ‘Dharohar’ – The heritage Club, International Exchange Programmes are a few examples.

KRM takes pride in receiving the IDS accreditation for three consecutive terms.

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(Towards Aligned Learning & Knowledge) – ‘One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever.’ In order to guide our students, parents and teachers in the right direction. KRM organizes Talks/Worksops by industry experts, career counselors, renowned psychologists and even our own alumni.

Future Readiness

Future Readiness

Valuing our past and looking towards the future, we wish our students to be future ready. KRM assists students to choose ideal careers through career counseling programmes and also helps them with internships.

Parent Engagement

Parent Engagement

In order to support the school’s goal of together towards tomorrow, parents are encouraged to participate in the learning process of their children through workshops, coffee mornings, contribution in conducting and judging events, attending morning assemblies and regular parent teacher interaction sessions.