Parent of Shrinika Joshi

We have chosen this school as it offers a thought provoking atmosphere where children can learn with fun and thrive in an atmosphere very conducive for their growth. The pedagogy of the school is such that it enhances overall development of the child .

(Parent of Shrinika Joshi)
Nursery – Blooming Bluebell


Parent of Aavya Shukla

We are truly delighted with how our children are embraced, nurtured, and supported even in these unprecedented times Each and every child is given attention even when we all are attending classes remotely. All queries and doubts are addressed proactively

(Parent of Aavya Shukla)
Nur- Radiant Rose

Parent of Viaan Vasisht

We were surprised to see the progress and appreciate the great efforts put by school teachers who worked extremely hard to keep the sessions so engaging. We have seen visible progress in his oratory skills, class participation, and holistic development in every aspect important for a child.

(KG-Exotic Emu)
Parents of Viaan Vasisht

Parents of Shreyansh Ghosh & Sourish Ghosh

Over the last 10 years the school has excelled and built a strong pillar for holistic development of the children through multidisciplinary programmes.   Even during the pandemic, the teachers and faculty kept the motivation of the students high and academic session continued seamlessly with the digital resources. Our heartfelt thanks to the KRM team.

Parents of :
Shreyansh Ghosh KG-A & Sourish Ghosh 9 E

Parent of Mishka Jain

I appreciate the school for having a great curriculum and running the online program during this pandemic situation.

Thanks to the class teachers who made it very easy & comfortable for the kids to learn from home. Mishka feels connected with her classmates & teachers as well.

Keep up the good work !!

Parent of :
Mishka Jain – Nursery ( Dainty Daffodil)

Parent of Aayush Pathania

The school has great facilities available and focuses on overall development of the kids. Student –Teacher ratio is optimal for effective learning. Awesome school ,which has a blend of modern experiential learning as well as conventional learning.

Parent of :
Aayush Pathania , Grade -1

Parent of Jahnvi Tiwari

Thanks to all teachers and school management for providing a smooth transition from offline to online along with managing other extracurricular activities effectively. I would like to appreciate the efforts of all teachers and support staff during these unprecedented times.

(Parent of Jahnvi Tiwari)
Class – II A

Parent of Naina Gupta

K.R.M Gurugram has managed to keep the hearts of the children FULL OF JOY through various activities including virtual excursions, their MINDS SHARP with emphasis on their personality development and BODIES STRONG through regular evening fitness sessions. My daughter really looks forward to school.

Parent of Nina Gupta
Class – III E

Parent of Anay Agnihotri

K.R.Mangalam World School, Gurgaon is like a breath of fresh air which holds the development of the students so efficiently. During this pandemic, the various teaching methodologies, including experiential learning, used by the teachers in the online sessions boost enthusiasm in children. A big thanks to the Principal and Teachers of KRM, Gurgaon for guiding, encouraging, supporting and moulding my son throughout the year.

Parent of Anay Agnihotri
Class – IV B

Parent of Aishi Gupta

We are happy with the teaching methods and the teaching staff of K.R.M. Gurugram that offers a plethora of co-curricular, right from Nursery onwards.The constant competitions, activities, show & tell, to boost the child’s confidence, increase fluency and vocabulary, and remove stage fright. The untiring efforts of teachers were clearly visible during online transitions. A Big Thanks to the entire K. R.M. family for shaping and improving my kid’s overall personality.

Parent of Aishi Gupta
Class – V D

Parent of Mayra Arora

I want to acknowledge and appreciate the amazing efforts of all the teachers and staff to their commitment that learning never stops even during these tiring times. A big THANK YOU to KRM family for stepping up and helping in shaping the future of tomorrow.

Parent of Mayra Arora
Class -V D

Parent of Angad Singh

Kudos to the Curriculum management by loading the students with less stress on academics and simplifying studies, tests and assessment processes. I would also like to acknowledge and appreciate the teachers and management for being  patient and dealing with empathy during these times. Accolades to the school for setting up fitness and wellness classes, extra activity classes for student engagement to ensure the holistic development of children.

Parent of Angad Singh
Class – V E

Parent of Manas Barve

We are very happy to share that this is our 9th year of partnership with K.R.Mangalam school, Gurgaon as parents. The teachers guide and support the students very well and treat them as per their age group. For the past one and a half years, we all are experiencing a never before pandemic situation due to Covid 19. The school adapted to the new ways of teaching very quickly and efficiently ensuring that there should be no gap in learning.

Grade – XI A

Parent of Priti Sarkar

Our sincere thanks to Principal Ma’am, Sr. Coordinator Ms Ritu Jain and all the respected teachers and non- teaching staff for making the journey of the students a commendable and remarkable success.The academic curriculum and the extra- curricular activities that the school conducts fill the children with a lot of enthusiasm. There is a great level of communication and involvement between the teachers and the students.

Priti Sarkar
Grade – XI A

Parent of Aayan Davis Mathai

K.R. Mangalam World School has been our partner in parenting and educating our children. So far, our two children have experienced the best of K.R. Mangalam education. As parents we are fully contented with the overall academic and the holistic growth of our kids. The teachers give 100% of themselves and even give additional hours after school to lend a hand toa student in need. They do it so willingly! K.R. Mangalam has always been a blessing to our kids and family

Grade – XI A

Parent of Yash Handa

Both my sons, Yash and Kavya, have been a part of this organisation since they were small and have turned into respectable and smart boys. Last year, my mother passed away in August, right around the time of the Investiture Ceremony, when Yash would’ve been given his post as theHead Boy. Seeing as how things were not normal for our family, the school made the decision to shift the ceremony by a few weeks to give us time to mourn and were incredibly understanding. Such things show that the school and the teachers really care for their students and their families and that makes us all a part of the big K.R. Mangalam family.

Yash Handa
Grade – XII A

Parent of Aanya Bansal

K.R. Mangalam World School has been a large part of our lives, our daughter Aanya Bansal has been studying here since the very first batch. Over the years the school has grown to gain a significant position in the educational world. One of the things that drew us towards it 12 years ago and still does is the amazing teaching faculty. Aanya has always loved going to school and we thank the entire KRM family for being one of the reason.

Aanya Bansal
Grade – X B

Parents of Anya & ArnavTiwari

“The school has given excellent knowledge and values to kids for decades now and has made great strides towards highest quality of education a parent can ask for. We areespecially thankful to all the teachers for their stupendous efforts in making online education a success and enabling our children with the skill of learning.”

Parents of Aarna Pisharody

“Online classes were as much new to teachers as to children. 

We were anxious about the whole online thing, but teachers made it so simple, that Aarna could just walk through it with ease. All this was possible only because of the patience and love she received from her teachers.”

Parent of Kuhu Vyas

“We are very much satisfied with the teaching, curriculum management and focus on overall personality development of the child through carefully selected  activities. The school also focuses on parent involvement through special activities. Overall a great school for your children.”

Parent of Yafi Husain

“It’s my wards 9th year in KR Mangalam World school. It gives me sweet surprises and immense pleasure to witness the unfolding and upgradation of his personality with each passing day, his overall growth is far better than I imagined.  

Continuous activities & competitions alongside academics keeps the fighting spirit kindled always. Important lessons of life are taught while having fun, as the teachers nurture the students like their own kids and take their talents to the next level.  

Awesome teachers, exemplary leadership and the dedication! This sums up why we love KR Mangalam World School.  

Thank you for taking care of my child so amazingly.”